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What is Tangible®

How to Care for Tangible®
Hydra-PEG® Coated Lenses

Tangible® Hydra-PEG® in Action

See how it eliminates deposits

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Case Reports

Dryness, Deposits, & Dismay
By Chad M. Rosen, OD, MBA, FAAO

Treating Presbyopia and Depositing in Regular Corneas With Tangible® Hydra-PEG® Coated Multifocal Scleral Lenses
By Dr. Andrew J. Biondo, O.D., F.S.L.S., Kirkwood Eye Associates in Kirkwood, Missouri

Utilization of Tangible® Hydra-PEG® to Aid in Scleral Lens Comfort in a Keratoconic Patient with Chronic Dry Eye Disease, Status Post Intacs
By Jerry L. Robben, O.D. Chief Optometrist, Bowden Eye & Associates Founding Member of Dry Eye University Clinical Director of DryEyeAccess.com

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