Do you experience problems with your Scleral or RGP contact lenses?

  • Discomfort

    Persistent irritation from your lenses

  • Dryness

    Tears don't spread over lens, causing a dry and gritty lens surface

  • Deposits

    Debris that binds to the lens surface

  • Fogging

    Lens haziness that obscures vision

Solve these problems NOW with Tangible Hydra-PEG

Say Goodbye to Discomfort, Dryness, Deposits, and Fogging on your scleral or RGP contact lenses

  • Lenses Before Hydra-PEG

  • Lenses After Hydra-PEG

What is Tangible Hydra-PEG?

Tangible Hydra-PEG is an innovative lens coating designed to mimic the natural tear film of the eye. It provides a protective layer that enhances comfort, retains moisture, reduces deposits, and prevents fogging.

  • Enhance Comfort

  • Improve Wettability

  • Reduce Deposits

  • Resist Fogging

“All patients can benefit from Tangible Hydra-PEG because it’s going to improve their comfort and increase wearing time, which can lead to an improved quality of life.”

Chandra Mickles, O.D. M.S., F.A.A.O, F.S.L.S.

How Does Tangible Hydra-PEG Work?

Tangible Hydra-PEG works by encapsulating your lenses with a thin, hydrophilic layer. This layer mimics the natural ocular mucin, creating a more stable and comfortable lens surface.

Upgrade your scleral or RGP contact lenses with Tangible Hydra-PEG and say goodbye to dryness, deposits, and discomfort, and fogging for good. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Ready to tranform your lenses? Purchase Tangible Hydra-PEG and improve your contact lens experience today.

How Tangible Hydra-PEG Works

How Tangible Hydra-PEG Improves Dryness

How Tangible Hydra-PEG Improves Deposit Resisance

Hydra-PEG Lenses Are Special, Handle Them With Care!

Read our care tips to properly care for your lenses, and keep them comfortable for their entire lifetime.

Tangible Hydra-PEG FAQ

What solutions are compatible with Tangible Hydra-PEG?

The following contact lens care solutions will not damage the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating: Tangible Clean, Boston Simplus, Unique PH, Clear CareClear, and Care with Hydra-Glyde. Any care solutions not listed above should be considered incompatible with the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating and will run the risk of damaging or destroying the coating.

How long should the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating last on the lenses?

While the coating is permanently bonded to lenses and designed to last for their lifetime, various factors may impact the durability of its benefits including: A patient’s tear composition (i.e. heavy depositors), use of incompatible cleansers or rewetting drops, vigorous rubbing of lenses during cleaning, use of tap water, storing lenses dry or without compatible solution. The use of compatible solutions like Tangible Clean will ensure that you are not using an incompatible cleaner. Monthly use of Tangible Boost will also restore the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating, protecting your coated lenses from normal wear.

How do you store lenses with Hydra-PEG for longer than a few days?

Hydra-PEG coated lenses must be stored wet using one of the compatible multi-purpose solutions. It is important to remember to change the storage solution every 30 days and to be mindful of the expiration date of the solution. Each time you change the solution, clean the case as well. This is for ANY of the solutions you choose from the approved list.

What is the Tangible Guarantee?

At Tangible Science, we are so confident in the transformative power of the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating that we offer a Comfort Guarantee.If Tangible Hydra-PEG does not improve your contact lens problems related to discomfort, dryness, deposits, or fogging, we will refund you 100% of your order.

Questions? We're here to help

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