Why prper lens care is crucial for your eye health

Why Proper Lens Care is Crucial For Eye Health

Introduction to Proper Lens Care

Proper lens care is not just a recommendation; it's a necessity for anyone who wears contact lenses, especially specialty lenses like sclerals. Ensuring that your lenses are clean is crucial for preventing eye infections and preserving overall eye health. In this article, we'll dive into the importance of lens care, the risks of neglecting it, and best practices to clean and care for your lenses.


The Risks of Improper Lens Care

Improper lens care can lead to a host of problems, including eye infections, bacterial contamination, and even serious eye infections like acanthamoeba keratitis. The risks are higher for those who wear specialty lenses, as they require more meticulous care.


Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Contact Lenses


Using a Multipurpose Solution

Tangible Clean Multipurpose solution

A Multi-Purpose Solution, also called an MPS, is a great option for most scleral lens patients. It is formulated to streamline your products and your routine by effectively cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, and storing lenses all with one solution.  Here are a few reminders for using an multipurpose solution:

1) Wash Your Hands: Always start by washing your hands with soap and water.

2) Rub and Rinse: Gently rub your lenses with the multipurpose cleaning solution and rinse them thoroughly with the same solution. Tangible Clean is a thinner solution that will easily rinse off the surface of your lenses.

3) Disinfect: Leave your lenses in a lens case filled with fresh solution for at least six hours, or overnight.



      Using a Peroxide Solution

      If you suffer from allergies, have had a previous reaction to a contact lens preservative, or produce a lot of deposits in your tears, your practitioner may have recommended using a peroxide system for your daily cleaning and disinfection. Follow these steps to ensure proper disinfection. 

      1) Remove each lens and place it into the appropriate side of the lens holder.

      2) Fill the case with the peroxide solution to the line indicated on the case. Do not overfill!

      3) Place the lens holder into the basket and leave for 6 hours; this is REQUIRED in order for the peroxide to neutralize into saline.



            • The red tip of the peroxide bottle means DO NOT PUT INTO YOUR EYE! 

            • Keep an MPS around for rinsing and short-term storage. 

            • If you must remove your lenses before the 6-hour neutralization cycle, rinse them thoroughly with your MPS!



            Tips for Handling, and Maintaining Your Contact Lenses

            • Storing your lenses in a clean and disinfected lens case is non-negotiable!
            • Never use tap water on your lenses. A parasite called Acanthamoeba can be transferred to your eye resulting in a very serious eye infection called Acanthamoeba Keratitis.
            • Work over a clean area and plug your sink!



            Storing Your Contact Lenses

            • Always dump the solution out of the case once your lenses are in your eyes.

            • Clean your case with your multi-purpose solution and allow it to air dry.

            • Replace your case every time you get a new bottle of solution.

            • Never reuse or top-off solution!



            The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

            Annual eye exams are essential for everyone, especially contact lens wearers. Routine examinations check the health of your eyes, not just your vision. Your practitioner will also ensure your contact lenses are still fitting your eyes properly and recommend any necessary changes.



            Proper lens care is essential for maintaining healthy eyes and clear vision. From cleaning and disinfecting your lenses with a multipurpose solution like Tangible Clean to regular eye exams, every step is critical. Don't compromise on your eye health; make lens care a priority! For additional contact lens care tips, check out our additional articles including our Ultimate Guide for Scleral Lens Care



            Lens Care FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


            How often should I clean my contact lenses?

            Daily, unless you are using daily disposable lenses.

              Can I use water to clean my contact lenses?

              No, always use a recommended contact lens solution.

                How often should I replace my contact lens case?

                At least every three months.

                  Is it safe to sleep in my contact lenses?

                  Consult your eye care professional for advice tailored to your specific lenses.

                    Can I swim or shower while wearing contact lenses?

                    It's not recommended due to the risk of bacterial contamination.

                      How often should I replace my contact lenses?

                      Follow the replacement schedule recommended by your eye care professional.

                        What should I do if my eyes feel uncomfortable while wearing contact lenses?

                        Remove your lenses and consult your eye care professional.

                          Can I switch between different brands of contact lens solutions?

                          Consult your eye care professional before making any changes.

                            Can I reuse the contact lens solution from the previous day?

                            No, always use fresh solution.

                              How do I know if my contact lenses are the right fit?

                              A professional fitting by an eye care professional is the best way to ensure a proper fit.
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