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Our Mission

Tangible® Science strives to dramatically improve the contact lens experience for patients, eye care professionals, and contact lens manufacturers.

Contact lens wearers often complain of discomfort and inconvenience, while eye care practitioners are often frustrated by their inability to provide a comfortable solution for their contact lens patients that lasts all day.

We are a young, motivated, and creative team of doers

We saw frustration with contact lenses experienced by many professionals, and patients alike and decided to do something about it.

For custom contact lens wearers, we have created an innovative family of products specifically for them, to add greater comfort, deposit resistance and convenience.

For soft lens wearers, we have partnered with contact lens manufacturers to create a variety of daily disposable lenses featuring a reformulation of our polymer technology to further enhance comfort and wearability.

Our Team

  • Victor McCray

    President & CEO

  • Karen Havenstrite

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Katherine Kline

    Operations and Quality Manager

  • Ryan Gorman

    Product Manager

  • Kem Grizzaffi

    Manager of Partner Relations