Common mistakes that scleral and rgp contact lens wearers make

Common Mistakes Scleral and RGP Lens Wearers Make

Understanding and properly managing scleral and RGP contact lenses is crucial for optimal eye health and comfort. However, many wearers inadvertently make mistakes that can compromise their lens performance and overall ocular health. In this post, we'll explore common errors and provide practical advice to ensure you get the most out of your specialty lenses.


1. Using Non-Recommended Solutions

Always adhere to solutions recommended by your eye care professional (ECP). If cost or availability is a concern, consult your ECP for suitable alternatives rather than relying on internet suggestions or guesswork. If you have a Tangible Hydra-PEG coated scleral, or rgp contact lens, use care solutions that will not damage the coating. For an entire list of recommend solutions for Tangible Hydra-PEG coated lenses, check out our blog on Hydra-PEG Care Tips.


2. Not Complying With Your Care Regimen

Compliance with the care regimen prescribed by your ECP starts with understanding which products to purchase and how to use them. It can be complicated to care for your lenses! When you have questions or concerns about using the prescribed care regimen, contact your ECP or your Tangible Care Coach for advice. Here are some quick tips than can help improve your care regimen:

  • Rub and rinse your lenses when cleaning with an approved MPS. This is often skipped but is a key component to ensure you've removed any debris from the lens surface before soaking it overnight in an MPS.

  • Regularly clean and replace your contact lens case. A good rule of thumb is to replace your case each time you purchase new solution. This will help to prevent bacteria from forming in the case.

  • Never use an MPS to apply your lenses. Doing so can cause eye irritation and reduce the time you can wear your lenses comfortably. Use only preservative-free saline to apply your lenses!

  • Do not store your lenses in saline of any kind. Saline does not clean or disinfect lenses. You should always store your lenses in an approved MPS. If using a peroxide system, lenses should be transferred from the peroxide to an MPS if they are not being used right away.

  • If your practitioner has recommended a peroxide system as your daily cleaning and disinfection regimen, always follow the directions closely! Never place it directly in your eye and always allow your lenses to stay in the solution at least 6 hours. If you must remove them before 6 hours, rinse them very well with an MPS. Keeping an MPS on hand as a backup is also advised.

    3. Not Reporting Potential Problems

    Never overlook discomfort or changes in your vision! Regularly communicate any concerns with your ECP – your eye health depends on it. 

    4. Skipping Follow-Ups and Exams

    Consider the initial contact lens examination and fitting process as the beginning of your journey. Regular follow-ups and annual exams are essential for maintaining the fit, comfort, and health of your eyes and lenses. You have even more at stake and require more check ups to manage your overall eye health as well as the fit and condition of your lenses.

    5. Not Treating Ocular Surface Disease

    If you have been prescribed scleral lenses as part of your treatment for Ocular Surface Disease, like Dry Eyes or MGD, remember the lenses are helping to manage the dryness but not treating the underlying cause.

    Consult your ECP about using prescription drops in conjunction with your scleral lenses. If you've been advised to use a rewetting drop throughout the day to help maintain surface moisture, remember they are not medicated and do not replace any other treatment your ECP has prescribed. Working closely with your ECP is key when battling dryness!

    6. Giving Up Too Soon

    Don't give up! Scleral lenses require an adjustment period and are more work than other types of lenses or glasses. You've probably been bombarded with a ton of information, or not given enough. Learning to apply and remove lenses is just the start; you've been told you have to find and purchase specialty care products and learn to fit the whole process into your daily routine.

    All of these reasons are precisely why your ECP and Tangible partner together to encourage you and help you navigate the process. Whether you're new to scleral lenses or a seasoned wearer, introducing a new product or procedure can be overwhelming. Feel free to reach out to Tangible directly anytime for support and information. We're just an email away:


    Taking on the world of scleral lenses can be challenging and you will make mistakes! Luckily, small mistakes can be easily resolved with the right guidance. Your ECP is a valuable resource in this journey, even after you've taken home your final lenses. Let them assist you in achieving the best wearing experience possible. When you ask questions, stay informed, and, create a network of support, you empower yourself to be successful and have the best vision of your life.

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