Tangible Science Launches Tangible Clean; A New Multipurpose Contact Lens Cleaner

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Tangible Clean: A New Multipurpose Cleaner is Now Available

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — March 25, 2019Tangible® Science, LLC, an innovator creating a dramatically better contact lens experience for patients and eye care practices, today launched the ideal multi-purpose cleaning solution for Tangible® Hydra-PEG® coated lenses – Tangible Clean. The solution simplifies care for coated gas permeable (GP) lenses and can be used for cleaning, conditioning, disinfecting, protein removal, rinsing and storing them safely. Tangible® Clean is thinner than most other GP lens care solutions and rinses off easily, potentially avoiding eye sensitivity and fogging that can occur when solution remains on lenses upon insertion.

“Ensuring that contact lens patients comply with prescribed care has always been challenging for practitioners. Compliance is especially important with coated lenses, which can be damaged by the wrong cleaner or conditioner. Having Tangible® Clean available will ensure the cleaning regimen for patients with coated lenses is clear, simple and effective,” said Andrew J. Biondo, OD, FSLS, a leading optometrist with Kirkwood Eye Associates in Kirkwood, Missouri.

Tangible® Hydra-PEG® is the only commercially available surface coating for GP lenses and requires compatible cleaning solution that will not damage the coating, which may be different from solutions used for ordinary GP lenses. For example, uncoated GP lenses may require extra-strength cleaners if deposits are present, but coated lenses are inherently resistant to deposits and fogging and do not require alcohol-based, abrasive, enzymatic, or other extra-strength solutions. In fact, these strong cleaners may prematurely wear away the coating, reducing its benefits. Using Tangible® Clean protects the lenses and eliminates the need for an extra cleaning solution. Using the Tangible® products together may also reduce some patients’ need for multiple cleanings and rewetting drops during the day, further reducing the number of products, amount of solution and inconvenience they face.

Using Tangible® Clean, a patient can also safely rub lenses during cleaning without damaging the coating, helping to ensure the lenses are fully clean and disinfected. Rubbing lenses with incompatible cleaner will damage them.

“I previously tried various solutions and experienced discomfort from hazy vision and dryness every day.  I felt and saw an immediate difference with Tangible® Clean,” said Carol Maxwell of Birmingham, Alabama. “I can feel that I am conditioning the lenses while cleaning them, and there is such an improvement in the comfort level during daily wear. I can wear the lenses all day with no haze. Tangible® Clean has been a life changer.”

Tangible® Clean has been cleared by the FDA for daily cleaning and disinfection for any gas permeable contact lens, in addition to coated lenses, and is conveniently available to patients online via a subscription program at


Tangible® Science strives to dramatically improve the contact lens experience. By developing a family of groundbreaking products for custom contact lenses, as well as a line of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel disposable lenses, the company intends to make the lens wearing experience better for patients and the lens fitting experience easier for eye care providers.


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