Tangible® Clean: Subscription Plan

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A multipurpose contact lens cleaner compatible with all lens types delivered straight to your door!


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Tangible Clean multipurpose contact solution is THE recommended solution for use with Tangible® Hydra-PEG® treated lenses, and is compatible for use with any GP, scleral, soft, or hybrid lens. You no longer have to worry about using an incompatible contact lens cleaning solution that might damage your coated lenses.

Save even more per month when you switch to a subscription plan! Not only do you receive free shipping on every order, but with a 4-month subscription you save an additional 10% off every bottle.

Tangible Clean Multipurpose solution usage for GP, Scleral, Soft, and Hybrid Contact Lenses

Tangible Clean multipurpose contact solution provides a less viscous, refreshing cleaning experience compared to other GP lens cleaning solutions. and can be used in your contact lens care routine to:

  • Clean
  • Rinse
  • Disinfect
  • Store
  • Condition

Subscription Tips

If you are ordering a subscription, let us be the first to say “congratulations!” on taking the first step in making sure your contact lenses are staying clean and healthy. With a subscription you will receive recurring orders either every 2 months, or every 4 months (your choice). The 4-month subscription offer has the most value with the addition of free shipping.

Your renewal dates can be adjusted whenever you would like, or even put on hold if you end up with more contact lens solution on hand than you need! In order to adjust your delivery schedule, go to the subscriptions tab on your account page and set what dates work better for you. Have any questions or concerns with your subscription? We are always here to help! Just contact us at info@tangiblescience.com if you have any questions.


Need to clean your lenses while traveling?

We also offer Tangible Clean multipurpose solution in a convenient travel pack. Our travel pack comes with two TSA approved 3.4oz bottles so you are set to pack up and travel away!


Follow the package instructions to make sure your lenses stay cleaned, and disinfected!

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2-month Subscription, 4-month Subscription