Your Custom Contacts, Only Wetter and Better

“Immediately after Tangible® Hydra-PEG® was put on my regular pair of lenses, I felt like I had a lot wetter eye sensation and even more comfort in the lens.”

– Patient Joe, Tangible® Hydra-PEG® Wearer

Is it possible for your custom contact lenses to feel ultra-wet, smooth and comfortable without fogging, from morning ‘til night? Tangible® Hydra-PEG® to the rescue!

Tangible® Hydra-PEG® is a permanent coating applied to your lenses that makes them:

More comfortable


Retain more water

Feel smoother on eye

Better resist deposits

Fog less

Available only through your eye doctor

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All About Tangible® Hydra-PEG®

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See How We Resist Deposits

Keep your coated lenses as comfortable as possible, as long as possible. First, coat it, then clean it, then boost it, using our innovative family of products.

Tangible® Clean Now Available!

Who is Right for Tangible® Hydra-PEG®?

Tangible® Hydra-PEG® makes custom contact lenses more comfortable and convenient for many patients.

Dry Eye Sufferers

Heavy Depositors

Patients with Scleral Fogging

Patients Adapting to Corneal Lenses

Patients with Comfort Issues

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How Tangible® Hydra-PEG® Works

Healthy tear film without contact lens

Uncoated lens disrupts the tear film

Tangible® Hydra-PEG® coated lens stabilizes the tear film

Most people don’t realize that the surface of a contact lens is actually rough and covered with microscopic ridges and valleys, which the human eye can’t see, but can feel. When the eyelid doesn’t glide smoothly over the lens, this creates irritation and discomfort.

After talking with countless eye doctors and patients and hearing that discomfort and dry eyes were their #1 complaint, Tangible® Science decided to focus on solving these issues and creating a more comfortable lens wearing experience.

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*Tangible® Boost is an investigational product and limited by Federal law to investigational use. It is not currently available for commercial sale in the U.S. or any other region.