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A comprehensive program designed to keep your patients compliant, reduce your chair time and create a revenue stream for your practice.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have. Is there something not covered in the FAQ? Reach out to us directly! You can reach a customer service representative at info@tangiblescience.com, or you can reach out to your Account Manager directly.

What is Tangible Care?

Tangible Care is a brand new program which gives your practice the ability to enroll your Tangible Hydra-PEG patients with us, and connect them to a personal Care Coach. This Care Coach will reach out to your patient periodically to check on their lens performance, and provide information on care and cleaning tips.

This enrollment also acts as an Rx for Tangible Boost, so there is no need to fax in prescriptions for verification! Once a patient is enrolled, your practice earns revenue for every solution purchase they make. These purchases are reported every quarter.answer here.

How much revenue do I earn on Tangible Care purchases?

Add an Your practice earns 10% of all revenue from enrolled patients. This includes recurring subscription orders! Your practice will receive a report every quarter with your patients enrolled, and the ones purchasing. here.

Does a Tangible Care enrollment count as a Tangible Boost Rx?

Yes! Enrolling a patient in Tangible Care acts as a Tangible Boost subscription. Once enrolled, your patient will receive a link to purchase Tangible Boost through your personal Tangible Care storefront.

Can I submit a patient in Tangible Care but not have them connected to a Care Coach?

Yes, there is a Care Coach opt out box in the Tangible Care Enrollment form. Opting your patient out of receiving a Care Coach still gives them access to your storefront, and gives them the ability to purchase Tangible Boost.

Can I check to see which patients I have enrolled in Tangible Care?

We are currently developing a system to allow you to view your enrolled patients in real time. Unfortunately this capability is not available at this time.

If you would like to reach out to us, we will be able to send you a copy of your enrolled patients if you do not want to wait until the next quarter to see your quarterly report.

How does my practice receive earned Tangible Care revenue?

At the end of each quarter your practice will receive an email from your account manager with a report showing the transactions made on your Tangible storefront. They will also include instructions on how to connect your bank information in order to receive the revenue you have earned. If your bank information is already connected, then you will receive your revenue at the end of each quarter.

What is the difference between submitting a Boost Rx online and enrolling a patient in Care?

Enrolling a patient in the Tangible Care program means that they receive a Tangible Boost Rx, get connected to a Care Coach, and are sent a link to your practice web store to purchase your recommended Tangible solutions. Your practice also receives revenue for every Tangible Care patient purchase.

Submitting a Tangible Boost Rx gives Tangible a prescription for that patient so they are able to purchase Tangible Boost online. After receiving a submitted Rx, Tangible Science will reach out to that patient notifying them that a prescription was received, and give them instructions to purchase.

Can I customize the name on my storefront?

Absolutely! When we create your Tangible storefront we put your name and your practice's name at the top of the page. If you want to customize this in any way please reach out to your account manager and they would be happy to help.

I'm new to Tangible solutions, do you offer practitioner or staff training?

Once you have registered for a Practitioner Account, an Account Manager will contact you. You may schedule a phone appointment or virtual training session to learn more about Tangible products, wholesale, or your many account features and benefits.

How can I offer Tangible solutions without carrying inventory in my office?

Through your Practitioner Account, you will have access to Tangible Care. This program allows you to prescribe, recommend and sell Tangible solutions directly to your patients through an online storefront we set up for you. This program allows you to earn revenue from the purchases made by patients who are in the program and purchasing from your online store.

Who can I reach out to if my Tangible Care patient has not heard from you?

Patients enrolled in Tangible Care or for whom you have submitted an e-Rx should get an email from info@tangiblescience.com within one business day. Patients should be advised to watch for this email and check their Spam folder.

If they feel they have not been contacted, they can email us at info@tangiblescience.com and let us know. We will verify their email address and resend emails as needed.

What happens if I enroll a patient twice in Tangible Care?

Not to worry! Our system will detect a duplicate entry. Patients will not receive unnecessary communications.

When will patients get their first email from the Tangible Care program?

Patients should receive a “Welcome” email within an hour after enrollment. Please let them know to watch for an email from info@tangiblescience.com and to provide an email address they check daily.

Can I share my login information with a Tech to enroll patients for me?

Of course! We recommend that patients be enrolled at the time of their initial contact lens examination and fitting whenever possible.

The volume and flow of your custom lens patients may require you to assign the task of enrolling patients to a trusted staff member or create a protocol that works for you.

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