Coat it.
Clean it.
Boost it.

Custom contact lenses have always provided great vision, but until now, they haven't been that comfortable to wear. No worries - we have it covered.

With the Tangible® line of products developed just for the custom contact lens wearer, the lens wearing experience just became more comfortable, clear and convenient.

Tangible® Clean Now Available!

Coat it.

Tangible® Hydra-PEG®

Clean it.

Tangible® Clean

Boost it.

Tangible® Boost*

Protect the Tangible® Hydra-PEG® coating on your lenses

Now available!

Tangible® Clean is an FDA-cleared daily cleaning and disinfecting solution ideal for use with Tangible® Hydra-PEG® coated lenses that can also be used with any rigid gas permeable lens, or soft contact lenses.


Simplifies care for coated lenses for cleaning, conditioning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing

Comes in a larger, 12 fl. oz. bottle, providing greater value

Thinner solution than most other GP lens care solutions rinses off easily, potentially avoiding eye sensitivity and fogging

Conveniently offered as a subscription plan for home delivery

Ordering a monthly subscription of Tangible® Clean is easy, and can reduce worries about running out of solution. No prescription is needed.

Make your coated lenses feel like new – all day, every day

Tangible® Boost* is a monthly conditioning solution exclusively for Tangible® Hydra-PEG® coated lenses that restores the coating and its benefits.

During the course of wearing coated contact lenses, a variety of factors may wear away the coating over time, including:

A patient’s tear composition (i.e., “heavy depositors”)

Vigorous rubbing of lenses during cleaning

Use of incompatible cleansers or rewetting drops

Use of tap water

Regular use of Tangible® Boost* is designed to ensure long-lasting comfort and deposit resistance for the expected one-year life of your custom contact lenses.


Rebuilds coating that may be affected by wear over time, ensuring coating’s benefits last for prescribed life of lenses

Simple, at-home treatment for patients

Conveniently offered as a subscription plan for home delivery

Tangible® Boost* will be available with an eye doctor’s prescription.

*Tangible® Boost is an investigational product and limited by Federal law to investigational use. It is not currently available for commercial sale in the U.S. or any other region.