Tangible Science Expands Into Disposable Contact Lenses Incorporating Polymer Technology Behind Tangible Hydra-PEG

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Tangible® Science, LLC, an innovator creating a dramatically better contact lens experience for patients and eye care practices, today announced it has expanded its product family to include disposable contact lenses.

The new line of disposable lenses from Tangible® Science is FDA-approved and leverages the polymer-based science behind its successful Tangible® Hydra-PEG® coating that has improved comfort for custom contact lenses. The company’s disposable lenses incorporate a reformulation of proprietary Tangible® polymer into the lens material and in the lens packaging.

Its first offering will be a daily disposable hydrogel lens sold and distributed by SynergEyes.

“We are pro-doctor and pro-doctor/patient relationship,” said Tangible® Science Chief Executive Officer Vic McCray, MD. “It has always been our goal to offer our technology across all types of contact lenses and we are happy to be able to provide doctors with a comfortable and cost-effective daily disposable lens they can offer their patients.”

He continued, “We are excited about launching this new lens with SynergEyes. Like Tangible® Science, they have demonstrated a commitment to supporting doctors and patients. They are a trusted partner in the custom lens market, where together, we have made a real difference in patients’ lives. This partnership into the disposable lens category is the next logical step in our relationship.”


Tangible® Science strives to dramatically improve the contact lens experience. By developing a family of groundbreaking products, including a contact lens coating, cleaner, coating “rejuvenator” and line of disposable lenses, the company intends to make lenses more comfortable and the lens wearing experience easier for both patients and eye care providers.

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