Tangible Boost Pro Tips for Eye Care Practitioners

When to start patients on Tangible Boost

Prescribe Tangible Boost  starting as early in the wearing cycle as possible. This will ensure the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating continuously delivers all the intended benefits. 

Lenses that are further along in the wearing cycle still benefit from Tangible Boost as long as no obvious damage can be observed such as coating that has been stripped by abrasive or alcohol based products. Remember, the Tangible Boost solution binds to the coating that remains on the lens and not to the lens surface. If there is no Tangible Hydra-PEG left on the surface of the lens,Tangible Boost will have nothing to bind to. 

How to use Tangible Boost

When your patients receive and open their monthly kit of Tangible Boost they will be welcomed with the following instruction guide. These instructions are both printed on the box, and provided in Tangible Boost's instructions for use. 

Tangible Boost step by step instructions for use

Choosing a multi-purpose solution to use with Tangible Boost

Tangible Clean multipurpose solution for scleral and gp contact lenses

The instructions for Tangible Boost require the use of a multipurpose solution for multiple steps in the process. The use of an MPS is required for patients to get the full effects of Tangible Boost by ensuring their lenses are clean and free of debris prior to using Tangible Boost, and by fully rinsing off the Boost solution after use.

Make sure your patients are using only the recommended multi-purpose solution in conjunction with the Tangible Boost treatment. Tangible Clean is the recommended MPS but Boston Simplus and Menicon Unique Ph are also approved for use with Tangible Boost. If patients are using Clear Care as part of their daily care regimen, they will need to have Tangible Clean or one of the other approved MPS on hand to perform their Tangible Boost treatment. 

How to purchase Tangible Boost

Tangible Boost: conditioning solution for Tangible Hydra-PEG treated scleral and gp contact lenses.

Patients can purchase Tangible Boost from you or from Tangible Science. If you prefer your patient purchase directly from us, you must provide them with a prescription. Access our convenient Rx form to print and return with the required information or use as a guide for writing your own Rx. Click here to download our Tangible Boost Rx Form. After you return a completed Rx form to us (either by fax or voicemail), we will contact your patient directly  over email in order to verify their address and purchase information. The verification email will come from info@tangiblescience.com. Patients should check spam and junk mail folders if they do not see an email from us within 2 business days.

If you prefer to have your patients purchase Tangible Boost from you these are your options:

1) Open a wholesale account and order Tangible Boost and Tangible Clean by the case https://tangiblescience.com/pages/wholesale-register.

2) Order from one of these labs by calling as you would a patient lens order:

      • ABB Optical
      • Acculens
      • ART Optical
      • AVT (Advanced Vision Technologies)
      • Valley Contax
      • Xcel Specialty Contacts


      Tangible Boost is also available for purchase on MyeyeSupply.com with a valid Rx. 


      Selling Tangible Boost in your office

      Since patients who purchase their care regimen supplies from their practitioner tend to have greater success through ease of compliance, selling Tangible Boost directly can provide mutual benefits. 

      Consider creating compliance bundles by pairing Tangible Boost with Tangible Clean [or another approved MPS]. Bundles can be used to incentivize patients by offering discounts and convenience. Patients who do not want to purchase multiple boxes and who can not frequent the office monthly are perfect for our subscription program. 

      Tangible Boost is HSA/FSA eligible in most cases. Patients should refer to their plan or Benefits Coordinator for specific details.

      More Support Materials about the Tangible Care System

      Below are our helpful, downloadable information sheets and FAQs for the entire Tangible Care System. These sheets can also be used to familiarize yourself and staff with the Tangible Science Care System products. 

      Click here to download the Tangible Care System Overview

      Click here to download the Tangible Boost Overview and FAQ

      BY: Kemberly Grizzaffi, NCLEA